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Right of Way Permits

Extend your reach beyond your shop’s walls with a Right-of-Way permit.

Shared spaces bring our community together. In Downtown Lansing, there are a number of opportunities for utilizing Public Right-of-Way spaces such as sidewalks to enhance your involvement with the neighborhood, spread the word about your business, and contribute to a vibrant downtown landscape.

Right-of-Way permits cover items or initiatives in the shared spaces outside your business location, such as:


  • Sidewalk cafes
  • Signs and sandwich boards
  • Seating areas
  • Street vendors
  • Street performers
  • Charitable solicitors
  • Special events


How Can I Use Public Right-of-Way Spaces?

  1. Read the Operational Guidelines for Right-of-Way Spaces in Downtown Lansing, and make sure your idea fits within the guidelines.
  2. Complete the application below and send it to Downtown Lansing Inc. to gain approval
  3. For street performers, make sure all individuals involved sign a liability waiver (available on page 12 of the Operational Guidelines document)
  4. If you’re planning a special event (concert, festival, parade, run, etc.) contact the City of Lansing and complete a Special Event Permit Application (SEPA)

Application Operational Guidelines