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Social District Participation

Downtown Lansing is one of over 40 downtowns in Michigan with an outdoor social district.

Social Districts are designated areas within the city in which patrons are allowed to carry their alcoholic drink out of the restaurant and walk about or enjoy it al fresco as long as they stay within the designated boundaries of the district.

So how does this work?

  • Do contact DLI to let us know you’re interested in being added to the Downtown Social District.
  • Don’t assume you only need to register with the MLCC.
  • Do download the Social District Licensee permit application.
  • Don’t apply though if you’re not already licensed to serve alcohol.
  • Do order cups/stickers with the designated Downtown Social District logo. This will allow your customers to enjoy one of your beverages appropriately in the Social District Boundaries.
  • Don’t serve social district drinks until you are fully registered and approved by City Council and the MLCC as an approved Social District Licensee.

Permit Application