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Mayor Schor commits to new Lansing city hall, outlines signs of progress in annual speech

LANSING — Mayor Andy Schor delivered his seventh State of the City speech Tuesday, this time with a promise that “Lansing’s time is now.”

Standing at the lectern in the new Grewal Hall in downtown Lansing, Schor gave his speech fresh off wins and setbacks from a Monday City Council meeting.

He made it clear he wasn’t giving up on the city purchasing the $3.65 million Masonic Temple for a new city hall campus, a proposal that failed in a tied 4-4 vote. Some council members said they needed more time to speak to residents while considering the proposal.

“I am still committed to a new city hall,” Schor said, speaking to hundreds during his evening address at Grewal Hall. “City Council has accepted and appropriated $40 million from the state for a new city hall, and I have authority to spend it.

“My proposal is to revitalize the old city hall into a hotel, which is desperately needed, while moving city government into the Masonic Temple building and having a one-stop shop for residents and visitors.”…